How does the online market work?

Our market is the first in the state to include an online farmers market option… this means that we don’t have a working model to follow. We ask for patience as we work out the kinks.

For Customers—

Step 1: The online market open Monday morning with up to date farmer inventories

Step 2: Place your order between Monday and Thursday when the ordering window closes for the week

Step 3: The vendors will be notified on Friday morning of their orders so that they can personalize it and harvest it fresh for YOU

Step 4: Vendors drop off and pack up your products Saturday mornings

Step 5: You pick up your order!

For Vendors—

Step 1: Send pictures, descriptions, amounts, and price for each item you are selling with us the current week by Sunday evening

Step 2: You will receive your order list on Thursday evening

Step 3: Deliver your products to the market Saturday morning and place items in corresponding boxes (you will be assigned a color and the boxes will have customer name + order on it)

Step 4: At the end of every month you will receive a check with a commission (5-15%) taken out.

Do you accept SNAP?

As it currently stands, no online stores are able to accept SNAP. We’d like to see this changed, until it is, we will not be able to accept SNAP for online sales.

If I fail to pick up my order—what happens?

We work hard to make sure that you get what you pay for. As a nonprofit entity that is totally reliant upon public donations to operate, our resources are limited. We need to pay our farmers. If you fail to pick up your order between the hours of 8 and 12 on Saturday mornings, your box will be donated to a local food bank or church to disperse of as they see fit— no exceptions.