Small farmers are the heart of a community, we can not let them fail.


Did you know that most small farms go out of business before their 3rd year? Here at the Pauls Valley Farmers Market, we think that every community should have a local farm (or farmers) that they can rely on to feed them. We believe that farmers should not go out of business and we want to provide them with the tools to start and run their business successfully.


Goals for 2020:



Consult with at least 10 farms within a 30 mile radius of Pauls Valley to see how we can assist them in growing their business.



Teach classes and workshops that benefit and grow farmers throughout the year.



Continue to spread the word about our online farmers market and how it allows small farms to be selling in multiple places at once— also look into a commercial location to store the perishable foods so that farmers don’t have to make the drive Saturday morning.